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I Haven’t ShamPOOed My Hair In 60 Days!

(Disclaimer – being added later: None. Wait. I repeat. None of the information contained in this interview is copyrighted information of any individual or Facebook group. It also contains no breach of law, or etiquette. Yes, we should’ve paid homage to the inventor of curly hair and I apologize for leaving that out- “thank you God “. All other necessary and polite humanly credits have been included. If you still wish to turn hair into a basis for bullying and harassment, please feel free to contact this portal directly. I have cared for my hair longer than anyone else- I have also always remembered that it is not more important than another human being’s feelings. That it is “stuff that matters” and NOT “stuff that really matters.”

Wishing everyone a good hair day, every day. Also a better being day. May we be better than our hair.)



The other day I heard my sister and cousin talk about NO POO. Well actually, you see we have a big fat Punjabi family. According to sources, we are one of the few endangered species that has the quality that ten women in a room talk at the same point whilst listening to each other, or at least picking on the important stuff. So just like that, while I was talking and listening to ten women talk, I kept hearing the word POO-p … I mean, I understand that we have a bit of a no censor dogma, but poop? Really? So intently?

I am not trying to be funny. I swear, for the longest time, I thought they are discussing a revolutionary idea called NO POOP, where I was assuming you got by, without pooping. Days later, I looked it up and turns out, POO isn’t short for poop, its short for sham-POO. That the only organ it relates to is the hair, on your head (is hair an organ?).

So apparently, it’s the shiz! A method of washing your hair without sham-POO (I love doing this), which is supposed to be super healthy for your hair and easy on your pocket.

My cousin, Saman, has been on it for two months now and I asked her how her experience has been:

Tell us about your hair texture and your routine before you discovered NO poo?

I have curly hair. For the longest time, it was wavy, i.e. before I switched to the NO POO method. I used a regular shampoo and conditioner. Whereas I didn’t mind the texture so much, I always struggled to overcome the frizz, for which I would oil my hair regularly and would resort to straightening/blow drying. I heard about the NO POO method from my cousin and then looked it up online. I found this girl Ayesha Malik (@spisha on instagram) who shares all these wonderful tips on her Youtube and Instagram. I have not looked back ever since.

I always struggled to overcome the frizz and my curls were never really curls!

I never had nicely formed curls and the hair looked dry and shapeless.

What is your new hair routine like?

I cowash (conditioner wash) which means replacing shampoo with a conditioner to wash my scalp . I massage it on my scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. Wash it out and then apply some on hair length only. Leave it on for a few minutes. Comb my hair to detangle, wash it all out and in the end, I apply the conditioner as a leave-in (coin size) and wrap my hair in a hair cap.

I don’t use a towel on my hair anymore. Just scrunch out the water with hands, enhancing the curls while the hair is wet.

All the products I use are all silicone, alcohol and sulphate free. I am currently using Tresemme Undone for washing and Garnier Conditioner (Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures) as leave-in (together they cost me PKR 400). I wash my hair thrice a week. I do not use anything else, don’t comb or brush them other than in shower when I detangle them.

How long does it take before you get used to not using sham-POO?

The 1st week is a bit difficult because initially, one has to get past the psychological barrier of not using shampoo and still feeling like your hair is clean. I mean just the fact that there is no lather in your hair, is hard to accept! But after the first few washes, the way my hair started to transform, got me hooked. I got compliments from everyone around.

Second week started off well but through midweek my hair started acting strange, sometimes looked oily and dirty despite being clean but that was just them getting used to conditioner with no harmful ingredients. 3rd week was also the same and I got very upset as it seemed like they are back to what they looked like previously.

It is only during and after the week that I feel my scalp and my mind both adjusted to the idea of not using shampoo. Sure, it takes a bit of patience but it’s all worth it.

So I understand there is a list of NO POO approved products. Where can one find out about them?

There is a lot of information available online and on social media groups. I would suggest start with something easy and basic. Don’t worry too much about which one to use. Start with whatever you find easily where you are and then take it from there (or look up Ayesha Malik on Youtube, she shares a lot of product information.)

Looking back, I regret every time I straightened or blow-dried my hair; I have come to a point where I not only like my natural texture but celebrate it too.

Saman works with the United Nations. She loves shopping, exploring new places and helping the needy.

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  1. Nida munir

    June 10, 2018 at 1:55 am

    What’s your own hair care routine? I also am a curly head and tried that no-poo thing once but it TURNED ON the HAIR FALL(which never was there) 😞and my hair got so silky that the curls started to straighten up on their own and i had to get back to my purani shampoo routine(which sucks)

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