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The Girl With The Coolest Sunnies!

I met her while working on Saqib Malik’s upcoming Feature Film. Weeks went by and we didn’t talk to each other; she minded her business, I minded mine. And then a few awkward hellos and one argument later, we found ourselves chatting endlessly. It took us one day to become close friends!

She has styled everyone from Juhi Chawla to Hareem Farooq to Hania Amir. She has so much fun doing her work, it’s a joy watching her do it. She is hardworking, badass, honest and very very funny! Could-have-her-own-standup-comedy kinda funny.

Well-dressed plus honest plus funny- makes my favorite kind of people.

Also, she owns the coolest collection of sunglasses!!! A collection she has lovingly curated over years, including very expensive ones to street hawkers types.

This is my favorite pair! I bought it off Istiklal Street for Rs.5000! These are my GO TO pair to spice up a look.


Dior, Rs. 75000, the most expensive pair I owned! They got got stolen in 2016. That I guess is the downside of buying expensive, the fear and shock of losing them! I am still mustering up the courage to replace them.


Mango, Rs. 3500. I love this shape! I feel it could look good on anyone, as apposed to pointy cat eyed frames.


I think this is the Vogue Eye Wear Collection. I got Marya similar ones just last month, and now we can twin in one more pair!


I got these from Bodrum! Really, the best thing after red lipstick, is red sunnies.


A gift from Sadaf Kanwal! Damn I have good friends… Vogue Eye Wear.


Got these from Mango, Rs.3500 (Marya has a similar pair! And we get excited every time we are wearing it together).


Got these off a street hawker in Anatalya! It went with the city; purple, hazy, dreamy!


“Sunnies is the quickest way to make yourself look groovy, it’s like putting on red lipstick. So on holidays or at work, when you can’t be bothered about that you are wearing, putting on a cool pair of sunglasses is the quickest, most convenient way of dressing yourself up. I put on a cool pair of sunglasses, and my brain hears, are you ready? Let’s do this!”

About how she has collected so many pairs, “I don’t think you should ever aim to get out and build a collection in two days. There’s something fulfilling about knowing you have put together something over the years, with love. I have pairs ranging from Rs.75000 all the way to Rs.2500, and all have been bought from different parts of the world, feeling different things and I love how each can take me back to that time.”

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