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I am not a hoarder.



Now that we have established that, I would like to tell you that I carry out a “wardrobe de-clutter” exercise every month. Rule being, if I haven;t worn it in 3 months, it goes (except the wedding clothes/heels).

But somehow, one pile I have not been able to reduce the height of is my denim pile. I am going to give you my rationale for keeping each one and why it’s essential and important and absolutely indispensable. Each one has a different use, strength… And come on, let’s face it, jeans are hard to find. Especially if you have my waist-hip ratio, it is almost impossible to find a pair that fits.

So I will admit, that maybe in the case of denim I am a hoarder- I have held on to these pieces like dear life and am adding at the rate of 3 a year!

1- My oldest pair (bought in 2004- StoneAge). Straight cut, low waist. My second most comfortable pair. I keep this to wear to tv sets; it is not too tight and the color does not stain easily!

Stone age, Rs.1500

2- Dark blue skinnies, mid waist, Levis, Rs. 4200 (bought in 2007). Fits perfectly. I wear it mostly during winters when I don;t want to wear light colored/ripped denims!

Levis, Rs.4200


3- Medium blue jeggings (H&M). These are jeggings, and unlike the previous two, super stretchy and comfy; I could literally do yoga in these. These are also for film sets, winter shoots! Or days I have lots of running around to do.

H&M, GBP 25

4- Medium blue jeans, ripped at the knees. Zara, bought in 2015. These are the only ripped jeans I like wearing now- the net ones for example feel too ripped!

ZARA, GBP 30 Mahira Khan has a similar pair 😉

5- Light blue jeggings, Zara, bought in 2016. This was the year ripped jeans came back with a force! I personally do not like the thigh rips anymore. But I have these, because sometimes with a slouchy sweater, you need light colored jeggings.


6- Black skinnies, basics. Not eXplaining. Low waist, just btw.


7- Black skinnies, very high waist! One of my FAVOURITES – I lurvvv high waist jeans, pants, skirts everything. Notice how they have a slimming effect on my legs versus the low waist version which accentuates the curves.


8- Dark blue bootcuts- bought at an export reject shop, Zara. These are so great to make you look tall and thin; also something so timeless about the bootcut! Never goes out of fashion.

Enem, ZARA, Rs.2000


9- Light wash bootcut- that I put tassles on! These are my only FUNKY jeans. And although I have worn them just once, I like them alot and would want to wear them more. Sometime soon.


10- Black bootcut- comes out only in winters! I love wearing it with brown barogues. Makes me feel like Victoria Backham!

Enem, Rs.3000 (Originally Zara)

Close? Yes? No? Be quiet.



11- Boyfriend Jeans- bought from the Mens section at Zara, this was when the trend for boyfriend/girlfirend/mom/dad and other khandan member jeans was just starting. Extremely low cut, ripped. I have worn them so much- but I think I still like them.

Inc, ZARA, Rs.3000

12- Girlfriend jeans: I am attaching two celebrity photos (above and below) to highlight difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans. These are mid waist (your ass looks nicer) and the leg is tapered. Super comfy! (Zara again).

Zara, GBP 35


13- I tried getting a nice high waist pair with a straight leg. Ordered online so got the size wrong. It is one size too big but… I am thinking maybe one day I will be fatter and miss them? No?

Zara, GBP 20


14- My FAVORITE jeans currently: the MOM jeans! High waisted and loose, ballonish or shalwarish (as my friend recently pointed out). They remind me of Rachel and Monica from FRIENDS and for 100 other reasons I love them!

Zara, EUR 40

Intended look… Just missing the 2 extra feet on legs… but hey…

15- My most recent and most expensive purchase. Levi’s $ 120! Straight cut, high waist… I don’t know what these are called. But everyone from Victoria Beckham, to Gigi Hadid to Alexa Chung is wearing them. I understand I do not have their height or legs but I don’t think I fully understand. I am currently trying to break them. They are quite tight around the thighs.

Levis, $120

Intended look …. Let a girl dream guys!

Maybe I just need to work out a little bit because I do remember them fitting like a dream at the store!

If I HAD TO, I would get rid of 2,3 and 13! Should I?



  1. Saba

    July 12, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    13 definitely

  2. Marzieh Kamal

    July 13, 2018 at 3:29 am

    I just don’t like 13.not working for you in any way.

    • Marya Javed

      July 13, 2018 at 7:18 am

      Yeaaa….. Obviously, they are like two sizes bigger. Should I wait for me to get fatter?

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