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I recently met a boy. I think he likes me. But then, I think a lot of things- including that one day I will be as tall as Deepika Padukone.

Anyway. So back to this boy. I was telling him, about this other boy who asked me out for coffee, and he said “”coffee is never JUST COFFEE”.

That rang a bell. Not because he was right in this case (it was in fact just coffee), however, because in my case it has been a lot more.

Let me start by telling you, I wasn’t a big coffee drinker until mid-last year. But as this year unfolded and I became anew, I developed not just a taste for coffee but a relationship with it. I didn’t realize how slowly it took over tea and has now made a place for it, in my heart.

It started off when I moved back to Islamabad, this city with all its isolating familiarity and a sum total of two remaining friends and no job, I decided to leave my house in the afternoons, after I was done with my writing.

I call that trip “walking the dog” lovingly, only I am the dog. It was my time-out, my dress-up and go see people time.

It started off with me sitting in coffee shops, sometime with a book, other times with a cat. What might seem like a lonely state, slowly became my most therapeutic, favorite activity of the day.

Actual Footage of me having coffee with a cat.

Slowly I figured which places I like more than other too.

I also figured which coffee works best for which time!

An Americano for the days you want to think more about conquering the world, a latte for the times you need a hug, a cold coffee for the times the “boy asks you out for coffee”- it’s just daintier, no?

I can’t decide who is daintier- the Iced Mocca Latte or this girl! Sitting at MOCCA COFFEE, Kohsar Market

Slowly, as the blocks inside me realigned, so did the blocks outside me. I found a job. I met new people. Made new friends.

My afternoon coffee still happens. I dress up, I go out, sit under the winter sun and sip coffee as we talk about the numerous boys who ask us out, for coffee and whether it is , just coffee 😉

The outside sitting areas at Mocca are my absolute favorite!


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  1. Rida

    November 22, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    Yes, a coffee is not just a coffee. For me that place has been won by tea for a while now. As soon as i open my eyes and look ahead at a long working day, my body craves for a nice hot cup of tea. It has to be just right and has to be treated right. In a world where everyone has a coffee in their hands rushing through traffic and catching elevators, i very proudly carry my tumbler with a tapal tea bag and start off my day with ghazals in my ear. Its a comforting warm halo around me that makes me realize that things can be familiar in an unfamiliar territory. It marks my ground in a place that i dont call home but a necassity of time away from home. I have my little Islamabad on my desk staring back at me in form of just one tapal tea bag.

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