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All by myself @Mocca Coffee!

Do you ever just go to a restaurant and eat alone?

Be with yourself. Enjoy the food. Stay with your thoughts. Watch the world go by?

If not why not?

I have realized that one of the things I love/d best about travelling abroad and just being able to spend time with myself. Go for a walk, go shopping and stop by at a café and restaurant and eat alone. Free from the pressure of making small talk or socializing while I enjoy an evening and a meal.

I have realized somehow that joy is lost in Pakistan; not only do we not go out to eat alone, we feel sorry for the random girl sitting in the corner eating by herself. I have often had a wait put another plate in front of me, assuming I would be joined by someone because why else would I be dressed up and out on a Sunday afternoon?

I feel the reason behind this is much deeper though; as a society we have become so “collective” in our ways- the “individual” and the space that is occupied around that one person- is not just not respected but not even recognized.

It’s precisely why I love places like Mocca!

With several tables set up with only one seat behind them, or the series of seats that face outside the window; it is perfectly ok for you to go there all by yourself. You go there, check your emails, order a nice meal, get a takeaway sandwich if in a hurry (the egg curry is my favorite) or just watch people (not stare- watch).

This Sunday I went there and did just that. Wore my best shoes, ordered a stuffed chicken meal and had the best time, all by myself!

No- that is not a sorry thought- it’s possibly the happiest one; the most liberating one, if you think about it!

Thank you Mocca (not because this is a collaboration but truly) for allowing me to throw the best lunches for my friends and also allowing me to just be on my own some days.


  1. Ambreen

    May 18, 2019 at 5:59 am

    I visit here on my own thousands of times!

  2. Mahnoor

    June 3, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    I’ve been looking for places where I can go on a lunch date with myself, and I’m so glad I came through your article about it. Mocca is the first place on my go-to (alone) list now.. love to know more places where I can go alone, do suggest

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