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The “as of now” truths:

My name is Marya Javed. I am a female and the eldest of three siblings. I have worked in over 6 industries; telecom, banking, education, fashion, retail and entertainment mainly. Yet, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, in one word, what I do.

(I have considered the possibility of being a “Multipotentialite”; a person who has many different interests but no “one true calling”. But I don’t want to be a “Multipotentialite”. I don’t like the sound of it. Also it’s pretentious and depressing. I can’t bear the thought of not having a true calling, it’s too unromantic a notion. I don’t do unromantic.)

I think I am smart. I try to be humble to about it. I used to be confident, currently working on regaining it back.

A recurrent thought is how can I make the world a better place? Most days I think the answer lies in being a thug, and having an army, and you know, being Arya Stark. I am currently exploring the possibility of a less dramatic approach. Though, I might still name my daughter Arya.

The ‘un-alterable, constant” truths:

I like to write, everything from stories to articles to hard hitting whatsapp messages. I love cinema; its magic and power. Humans interest me; their pain and glory, their secrets and expression, their suffering and healing… Not how a or the possibility of aliens. Stories, religion, philosophy… drama, poetry, dance… is what fascinates me.

I love my mother the most. I am obsessed with Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres. I am also obsessive about how my tea is made, my hair is washed and if my nails are perfectly square. I like to meditate, go for long walks, cook and occasionally dress up. My imaginary Oscar speech is better than most; it makes me cry every time. I cry. Sometimes. Secretly. I laugh more than I cry so it’s cool. I aspire for toned legs, glowing skin and for more profound aspirations.