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Recovery Series

  • Recovery Series- Episode 2

    Attack of the Clones It was time. To decide. But really; how do you decide? What if it can get better...

    Marya JavedFebruary 18, 2019
  • Recovery Series- Episode 1

    The Phantom Menace For a while there, life seemed pretty perfect. I say ‘seemed’ on purpose. Because in retrospect, I am...

    Marya JavedDecember 22, 2018
  • Recovery Series- Episode 3

    REVENGE OF THE SITH or THE HAZE: I remember the first time I walked into my bedroom, 5 years later. There...

    Marya JavedAugust 11, 2018
  • Recovery Series- Episode 4

    A NEW HOPE  3 months had passed. I had lived off caffeine, sugar and an auto mode. When everything stopped moving,...

    Marya JavedJune 22, 2018
  • Recovery Series- Episode 5

    EPISODE 5: The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars fans should appreciate why this is happening in a random chronology. Everyone else...

    Marya JavedMay 14, 2018